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G Jon Asamoah Scouting Report

G Jon Asamoah, Illinois
Pos. Rank: 3 Grade: 3rd Round Height: 6-4 Weight: 305 40: 5.10 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Strong, small area blocker who plays with a nasty attitude. Blocks with good lean, easily controls defenders at the point of attack, or drives them off the line and opens holes for the running game. Stays square, displays ability as a position blocker, and jolts opponents with good hand punch. Engulfs defenders and works to drive them into the ground. Keeps his head on a swivel, works well with teammates, and picks up stunts or blitzes thrown by the opposition. Keeps his feet moving in pass protection and easily anchors at the point.

The Bad: Starts low in his stance, yet gets tall as the play proceeds and does not do a good job blocking with knee bend. Ineffective in motion, struggles redirecting to linebackers on the second level, and lacks footwork in space. Over-extends and reaches into blocks. Suffered a small fracture of his shoulder blade during Senior Bowl practices.

The Verdict: Asamoah has been a productive and mostly durable offensive lineman the past two seasons in college. Lacks great bulk but is a solid run blocker and could start for a system that does not ask him to cover a lot of area on the field.

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