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Friday Morning Headlines

After one of the most monumental days in franchise history, let's look at the reaction ...

Joe Banner says that he's looking for his next challenge.

Believe it or not, Banner just wants a new job.

Despite rumblings to the contrary, there were no signs of conspiracy at Banner's farewell.

To the end, Banner cast the Eagles in a positive light.

What does Banner's move mean for the Eagles?

The Eagles react to Banner's move into an advisory capacity.

Who is the new Eagles President, Don Smolenski?

Jeffrey Lurie is confident in Smolenski as the Eagles President.

Andy Reid's job remains the same as before, even with Banner's transition.

Howie Roseman has developed a good rapport with his players.

A look at the on-field results from the final Organized Team Activity.

How much pressure is Nnamdi Asomugha![](/team/roster/nnamdi-asomugha/f68150d6-a2c3-48ac-a1cd-64429a5cc335/ "Nnamdi Asomugha") under in 2012?

A year after his health scare, Jeremy Maclin is simply happy to be on the field.

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