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Friday Morning Headlines

After months of waiting, the first round of the NFL Draft is finally in the books as the Eagles selected former Louisville linebacker Marcus Smith. Here is our coverage as well as reaction from other reporters in today's Other Views ...

The 26th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, linebacker Marcus Smith is thrilled to join the Eagles defense.

"I don't think I've reached my full potential yet," Smith said. "I continually work every day and I know I have a lot of stuff to polish up and I know I have a lot of stuff to work on. I think once I'm in the league long enough and once I'm around the right people, especially on the Eagles that can teach me the things that I need to know, I think I'll be the great player that I want to be."

Dave Spadaro looks at how new Eagles linebacker Marcus Smith is just the first piece of the NFL Draft puzzle.

"The NFL draft is a seven-round marathon jammed into a three-day roller coaster, and only when it ends is it fair to have a full perspective. Day 1 for the Eagles was one for the defense – and for what's ahead."

Chip Kelly explains how Marcus Smith fits into the Eagles' plans.

"He fits the mold for what we're looking for," Kelly said. "I think kind of that ceiling I talked about, because there is such an upside to him. How many guys are that size, 250 plus pounds, running the 4.6 range, have the long arms? I think we just thought it was a positive, and obviously this league is turning into a throwing league, and you've got to be able to rush the quarterback and we're aware of that."

Other Views

Fan-Demonium columnist Tommy Lawlor was all over the notion that linebacker Marcus Smith could be a first-round target for the Eagles.

How did Johnny Football help the Eagles?

The Eagles made a smart move by trading down from No. 22 to No. 26.

After trading down, the Eagles selected linebacker Marcus Smith.

Marcus Smith feels his game compares with the best in this year's draft class - and the Eagles agree.

How does Marcus Smith fit in with the Eagles?

What did think of the Eagles' pick of Marcus Smith?

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