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Former Eagles' DE On Front Lines of Nation's Defense

Former Eagles draft pick and University of Miami defensive end Jamaal Green has a new "defensive" assignment now as a U.S. Border Patrol agent. He earned his certificate and began patrolling in February 2008. Green, Philadelphia's fourth-round pick in 2003, struggled with injuries throughout a five-year career that also included stints with the Bears and Redskins.

Rob Simmelkjaer caught up with Green for a Where Are They Now feature on ESPN. Click here for the video, and check out some below excerpts from the segment.

Reporter: "You're playing defense, but just a different kind of defense?"

Green: "Just a little different kind of defense. Exactly. Just trying to keep people from getting by, just like you would on the football field."

Reporter: "A much longer line of scrimmage."

Green: "(Laughs) A very long line of scrimmage. Pretty much, the whole edge of the United States of America."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 6:45 p.m., July 13

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