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For Jackson, Maclin, Plenty To Go Around

DeSean Jackson has caught 75 passes in 20 career games. However, much has been made of his one-catch output in Sunday's win over Tampa Bay.

But Jackson appears to be taking things in stride.

"It shows respect," Jackson said when asked about Tampa Bay's defense rolling its coverage to his side of the field. "But it's something that I can't control. Whatever defenses need to do, that's what they do. As an offense our job is to go out there and make plays and score touchdowns, and we were still able to do that."

Rookie receiver Jeremy Maclin was the go-to guy on Sunday, with touchdown receptions of 51 and 40 yards and 142 yards receiving.

"It was very impressive to see him be able to go out there and make the plays he made," Jackson said of Maclin's performance.

But even Maclin acknowledges that with so many playmakers there are going to be games like Sunday where he and tight end Brent Celek combined for 10 catches while Jackson and Jason Avant combined for a mere two receptions. He says it's a good problem to have.

"With the guys that we have, games like that are going to come, going to rotate between guys," Maclin said. "The way this offense is, anybody can catch the ball on any given play. Yeah, you have a number one read, but anybody can catch a ball. You have to always be on alert.

"I think the win is more important than people catching a lot of balls or getting a lot of yards."

Maclin went from no catches in the season opener to two against the Saints, four against the Chiefs and then six against the Buccaneers. Jackson, meanwhile, opened the season with a pair of catches against Carolina, followed by four against New Orleans, six against Kansas City and then one against Tampa Bay.

Jackson and Maclin have combined for 25 catches for 447 yards and four touchdowns. Jackson is averaging 20 yards a catch and Maclin is averaging just over 15 yards. Both receivers have also caught a touchdown of more than 50 yards.

Jackson said he's hopeful that Maclin's breakout game may force opposing defenses to account for both playmakers equally, allowing each to see their fair share of balls.

"Hopefully, they'll start being able to play even and whatever the situation is, no matter how it works, we'll get it done," Jackson said.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 4:30 p.m., October 14, 2009

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