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For Carson Wentz, Sunday brings a new challenge

Carson Wentz insists that when he's watching film of a game, even one as difficult to digest as Sunday's loss at Dallas, the plays are there to be made. The playcalling is fine, he says. The scheme is proven and sound. There is enough talent on the field to score a lot of points.

It comes down to a mistake here, another one there. Everything, Wentz says, is fixable.

"That's what we're doing every day, working to correct our mistakes," he said. "It's frustrating, because I know what this offense is capable of doing. But we're not consistent. We have to be more consistent and eliminate the things we're doing wrong.

"I take a lot of the responsibility. I think there are a lot of plays in those losses that I would love to have back. I think everyone would say the same things. There is a lot of execution, a lot of plays we're leaving on the field."

The best game of the season was the win in Green Bay. The Eagles were beautifully balanced that Thursday night, as Wentz's 160 passing yards and three touchdowns complemented a running game that churned out 176 yards and two touchdowns. The offense did everything right – converting 5 of 9 third downs, scoring touchdowns in all four trips inside the Green Bay 20-yard line, controlling the clock.

What's happened since then?

The offense started well and then struggled against New York. A poor start and a mistake-riddled finish marred a strong middle part of the game in the loss at Minnesota. Not much of anything went right at Dallas.

And now it's a game in Buffalo and the No. 3-ranked Bills defense (in both yards and points per game) to prepare for on Sunday.

It's not any easier this week.

"Really good defense. Fast. They play together. They'll change their looks and show pressure and bring it, and then there are times when they will show the pressure and back off," Wentz said. "We have to be on the same page against Buffalo. They want to create confusion and they do a good job of it."

So, what's going on with the Eagles' offense? The points just haven't been there in losses to Minnesota (38-20) and Dallas (37-10). The Eagles have turned the football over seven times in those two defeats. That's a common theme. So is the inconsistency converting third downs (7-of-21) and scoring touchdowns in the red zone (1-of-3).

"It's been a lot of things."

Wentz ranks 25th in the NFL in average yards per passing play (6.9 yards). The offense just isn't the same without the vertical threat of DeSean Jackson. And yet, nobody in the league feels sorry for the Eagles.

"You have to have thick skin to play in the NFL," Wentz said.

How do the Eagles win one in Buffalo? Wentz has to lead the way. The first seven games haven't gone the way we all anticipated, but that's why they play the games. This league is a week-to-week proposition. The Eagles hope to perform on Sunday with their best offensive output of the season.

That's the goal every week.

"We just have to keep working and believing in each other," Wentz said. "I'm not down about it. It's a challenge. Things aren't always going to go your way. It's my job as a leader to get us back on track. That's the goal for Sunday."

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