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Foles Focused On Eagles, Not Rumors

Quarterback Nick Foles appeared on NFL Network on Thursday afternoon to promote the Microsoft Surface tablets that have replaced the old practice of reviewing black-and-white photos on the sideline during games.

During the interview with Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin, Foles was asked about the trade rumors that have come to light during the NFL's silly season. Foles insisted that he blocks out the noise from the outside and focuses solely on what he is told by the team.

"The only thing I listen to is what Chip (Kelly) decides and that's all I care about," Foles said.

Foles also appreciated the strong remarks by teammate LeSean McCoy who backed the Pro Bowl quarterback by calling him "the leader of our team."

"It makes me feel great. Those are my teammates. That's really what matters. Do you teammates believe in you to be the starting quarterback, to be the guy who is going to lead them?" Foles said. "That's why I love playing there. We have a great group of guys. They believe in me. I believe in them. I know that because of that, that's how you win games. That's how you win games in the fourth quarter, that belief that carries through no matter what adversity you go through before. At that moment, you want to lean on the guys that you trust."

Foles described as the chance to play for Kelly over the past two seasons a "a blast." In 2013, Foles posted historic numbers as he led the Eagles to a division title and was named Offensive MVP of the Pro Bowl. This past season, Foles' numbers dipped, but the Eagles were 6-2 in the games he started. Unfortunately, Foles suffered a season-ending collarbone injury - one that Foles said is healed - and the Eagles were not able to make it back to the playoffs.

"This year, I didn't do as good a job, but we were still able to win. We were still doing a good job as a team," Foles said. "It was team football. Our defense, special teams were playing well. We were able to win games in the fourth quarter when we were behind. We were building character as a team. Even though an interception happens, a quarterback who had played the game long enough will tell you, you've got to learn from it and go back out there and throw a touchdown." !

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