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FB William Rose Scouting Report

FB William Rose, Florida Atlantic
Pos. Rank: 6 Grade: Free Agent Height: 6-1 Weight: 236 40: 4.72 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Triple threat fullback who gives terrific effort until the whistle blows. Plays with a great degree of quickness, displays outstanding vision and always working to get a pad on opponents. Jolt defenders at the point of attack, plays with a nasty attitude and works to finish blocks. Immediately gets into pass routes and effectively adjusts to the errant throw. Breaks down well and plays with good knee bend. Solid short yardage ball carrier and displays a burst through the hole.

The Bad: Not a dominant lead blocker and lacks the strength necessary to finish off opponents.

The Verdict: Rose is an underrated fullback prospect who has the skill set necessary to be used in a west coast offense where he is required to block for the ballcarrier, carry the ball or catch it out of the backfield. He's a resilient prospect with a special teams mentality and has a real chance to make it as an inexpensive utility player this fall.

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