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FB Rashawn Jackson Scouting Report

FB Rashawn Jackson, Virginia
Pos. Rank: 1 Grade: 5th-6th Round Height: 6-1 Weight: 239 40: 4.65 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Big, strong lead blocker still learning the position. Intelligent, displays outstanding blocking vision as well is instincts carrying the ball. Powerful, productive as a short yardage runner, and displays the ability to pick up a lot up yardage off initial contact. Effective receiver out of the map backfield who nicely adjusts to the errant throw and extends his hands and looks the pass in. Punishing blocker who turns defensive lineman off the ball or takes linebackers from the action. Gets out to the second level, redirects to defenders, and finishes blocks.

The Bad: Not overly nifty and struggles around tackle. Must learn to finish blocks.

The Verdict: Since moving to the fullback position as a sophomore, Jackson has shown a lot of skill and improvement the past three seasons. He's a multidimensional player who clears the running lanes besides being productive carrying the ball as well as catching it out of the backfield. Really a solid prospect at the next level and a late round pick who can see significant action as a rookie in the league.

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