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FB John Conner Scouting Report

FB John Conner, Kentucky
Pos. Rank: 2 Grade: 6th Round Height: 5-11 Weight: 246 40: 4.64 Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Strong, aggressive lead blocker who opens holes for the running game. Displays terrific vision, squares into defenders, and turns them from the action. Accelerates into blocks and drives through opponents, attacking assignments. Adequate pass catcher out of the backfield who adjusts to the errant throw and looks the ball into his hands.

The Bad: Rumbles about the field and displays minimal quickness in his game. Not a fullback who can turn the corner and is most effective between tackle.

The Verdict: Connor is a hard-working lead blocker who does the little things well. He's a throwback type of player yet a bit one-dimensional. As a result, Connor will not be selected until the late part of the draft, but he will be an asset for some team at the next level.

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