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ETN Wants To Feature You In 2009

It was in the fall of 2007 when the Eagles Television Network producers all put their thinking caps on and wondered what could we feature on our five weekly television shows that would really have some impact with the people watching the shows. Would it be comedy ... drama ... passion ... what about all of the above!

We decided to comb the parking lots on foot prior to each game and talk to you, the fans, about the amazing vehicles that we see each week. It was also a great way to maybe grab a quick snack or homemade cheesesteak before a long day of work! Video Player : ETN: All Acess to Eagles Tailgating RVs

So the idea spawned that we should highlight some of the coolest Eagles Vehicles to grace the parking lots on gameday. We would tour them, get the history behind them and ultimately showcase the proud owners and let them tell the story of why they revamped an ambulance into a tailgate rescue vehicle, or why they would build a bus to honor a fallen friend. The piece was amazing and it was only eclipsed by the people we spoke with. We then realized that there were more stories to tell.

Maybe these stories don't have to do with a Vehicle ... maybe it's an Eagles "Room" (or shrine!) that you have created. Or could it be a one of a kind collection that you need the world to see!

Well, our production crews are ready to come visit you ... wherever you might be! If it's a collection in California, a room in Rhode Island or an RV that you can roll up to Lincoln Financial Field – we want to know.

Please click here to send us an email or send one to **** and send the following:

  • Images of your collection/room/vehicle
  • A small story behind it
  • Where you can be reached directly

The new season of the Emmy Award-Winning Eagles Television Network (ETN) starts in August and we want you and yours to be a part of it. We will be traveling all spring and summer as we head across the country to visit the players as well. Will we be in your area ... ? Not unless you email us and let me know why we should come visit!

We look forward to connecting with the best Fans in the NFL!

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