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ETN Lands 15 Telly Awards

Last week, The Eagles Television Network was the winner of 15 Telly Awards, including the Telly's highest honor, the Silver Telly Award, for its work on the "Green Campaign." This brings the total number of Telly Awards won by ETN to 105 since the 1999 season.

Some notable's for this year's wins include:

  • All three of our editors, including newest editor Chris Johnson, were all awarded honors.
  • Five features were honored, including two on the Eagles Cheerleaders.
  • Joe Helder won best videographer, yet again.
  • The Stadium Intro Video, based on the "Green Campaign," won two awards, one for Sports Opens and one for Use of Graphics.
  • It was the first time that three Shows were ever awarded a trophy in the same year (Inside the Eagles, The Andy Reid Show and The Donovan McNabb Show.)
  • It continues a streak of 10 straight years where a show has won an award in the "Best Show" category, with the Andy Reid Show leading the pack.

The Telly Awards are a national honor and they award the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions. Since 1978, the Telly Awards have been inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity. The 30th Annual Telly Awards received more than 10,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents. Entries are judged against a high standard of merit and scored on a performance scale. Entries are recognized and awarded as Bronze Winners and, at the very highest, Silver Winners.

Here is the list of the 2009 Winners:

* Eagles Television Network, "Green Is", Sports/Campaign * Eagles Television Network , Inside the Eagles , Sports * Ron Schindlinger/ETN, Editor, Art Direction

* Chris Johnson/ETN, Editor, Editing

* Dana Heberling/ETN, Editor, Editing

* Joseph Helder/ETN, Videography Composite, Videography/Cinematography * Eagles Television Network, Stadium Player Intro, Sports * Eagles Television Network, Stadium Player Intro, Use of Graphics

* Joseph Helder & Chris Johnson/ETN, Granbury Tour, Sports

* Robert Alberino & Joseph Helder/ETN, Dorenbos Recording, Sports * Robert Alberino & Chris Johnson/ETN, Cheerleaders in Iraq, Sports

* Joseph Helder & Chris Johnson/ETN, Cheerleader Calendar Part 1, Sports * Robert Alberino & Dana Heberling/ETN, Eagles Photogs, Sports

* Eagles Television Network, The Andy Reid Show, Sports

* Eagles Television Network, The Donovan McNabb Show, Sports

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