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Eagles provide updates on Tyrie Cleveland, Moro Ojomo

Tyrie Cleveland and Moro Ojomo
Tyrie Cleveland and Moro Ojomo

The Eagles released the following statement on Friday afternoon:

"In last night's game against the Cleveland Browns, Eagles WR Tyrie Cleveland and DT Moro Ojomo both suffered injuries that required immediate treatment on the field. The Philadelphia Eagles medical team exercised an abundance of caution as it took the necessary steps in the care of the players to ensure the best possible outcome for their health and wellbeing. Both players were responsive and had full function in all extremities while on the field. Cleveland has since been diagnosed with a concussion and neck sprain, while Ojomo has been diagnosed with a concussion. We commend our medical team for quickly diagnosing each player's condition and acting with precision as they administered care. A full recovery for both players is expected in due time."

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