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Eagles Team Up To "Kick Hunger"

According to the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, hungry children are 60 percent more likely to miss school and 50 percent more likely to repeat a grade. Furthermore, families who live in low-income neighborhoods usually rely on high-calorie options such as chips and soda because nutritious, fresh foods tend to cost more. To encourage healthy eating habits, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Coalition Against Hunger launched the Kick Hunger Campaign On Tuesday at City Line Avenue's ACME Supermarket.

The Eagles visited a local ACME supermarket to team up with the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger to launch the Kick Hunger Campaign ...


Running through May 15, the month-long campaign encourages community members to show support in two ways: by purchasing a pre-made $10 bag of groceries at ACME markets or by donating a designated amount at ACME registers. In addition to the unveiling of this campaign at Tuesday's "kickoff", children from the Casa Del Carmen's Green Light Food Pantry will begin a six-week healthy food challenge where they will try one new produce item a week. The final week of the challenge will conclude with a field trip to Jose Garces' Luna Farm, an all-organic 40-acre farm in Ottsville, PA.

Speakers at Tuesday's "kickoff" included Executive Director of the Coalition Against Hunger Laura Wall, as well as Philadelphia Eagles and ACME representatives.

Food journals were handed out to the children in attendance. Each child was able to pick out their first food item for their journal, and they all went home with a bag full of healthy foods.

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