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Eagles Serving Up Exceptional Stadium Eats

On Tuesday, the Eagles and Aramark unveiled a new menu at Lincoln Financial Field for the 2014 season ...

Chip Kelly wants his players to eat well, and according to The Week magazine, Eagles fans do the same.

The October 19 edition of the magazine named Lincoln Financial Field in an article detailing the best food found in NFL stadiums.

This season's addition of two Pizzeria Vetri locations to the docket caught the attention of's Jillian King, who wrote that the Eagles "can now brag about not one but two new Pizzeria Vetri locations."

"The menu is limited to the only three items you need," King wrote. "Margherita pizza, sausage pizza and rotolos, a Vetri signature that's a pizza-dough rollup of ricotta, spicy soppressata and marinara."

The original Pizzeria Vetri is located in Fairmount, a 13-minute drive from Lincoln Financial Field. Head chef Marc Vetri is known for his brick oven pizzas, and Vetri is now making his signature concoctions for Eagles fans.

The Pizzeria Vetri stations can be found in the SCA Club and the Panasonic Club at the stadium.

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