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With Week 1 inching closer, we take a look around the web and see how the national media ranks the Eagles:

Power Rankings Aggregator
Site Rank Note
CBS Sports 6th It's all about Mike Vick's health. If he stays on the field, they compete for a division title. He doesn't, they have problems.
FOX Sports 1st They may not be the 'Dream Team' and they sure as hell are not a 'Dynasty' but they may end up being the best team in the NFL in 2012. If Michael Vick can stay healthy for 16 games this will be the best team Andy Reid has had since 2004. If, brother, if. 7th One of the deepest rosters in the league, but they had that last year too and flopped. So much rides on the health of ever-brittle QB Michael Vick. 9th They'll need to finish higher than ninth to get Andy Reid a 15th season.
Sporting News 12th The Eagles need to lean more on their strengths to wake up from last year's nightmare, and that means riding McCoy's running and an improved defense rather than Michael Vick. 7th's panel of experts rank the Eagles ahead of the Saints but behind the Giants, Packers and 49ers in the NFC.
Associated Press 8th AP lists the Eagles as the fourth-best team in the NFC. 9th After the moves they made in 2011, could now be the time they start to reap the rewards? There's a general feeling that the answer to that question is yes. Though much will depend on how healthy Michael Vick can stay.

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