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Eagles, New Jersey Unveil New Lottery Game

The New Jersey Lottery announced the launch of the Eagles instant ticket game. This new Eagles-themed instant lottery game boasts cash prizes ranging from $5 to $100,000, and 10 Bonus Zone Second Chance Drawings that include such prizes as 2011 season tickets, VIP road trips, lunch with an Eagles player, merchandise prize packs and much more.

"The Eagles have a special place in the hearts and minds of countless New Jerseyans," said New Jersey Lottery Acting Executive Director Carole Hedinger. "We're very pleased to be able to work with them to give their fans more chances for big jackpots and one-of-a-kind experiential prizes. This new Eagles instant ticket promises to be one of the most exciting instant games of 2010."

Hedinger also noted that Eagles fans aren't the only ones who will win with this new game.

"Every Eagles instant ticket that a fan purchases makes the difference in the lives of schoolchildren, college students, and our state's veterans, just to name a few of the many beneficiaries of Lottery support," she said. "This is one game that, when you play, all of New Jersey wins—and that's a great outcome.

"Big money prizes, Eagles experiences you can't find anywhere else - this year's Eagles' instant ticket game has it all."

""We are happy to partner with the State of New Jersey and play a role in helping the New Jersey Lottery continue its efforts to generate funds that benefit individuals and families in communities throughout New Jersey,"" said Eagles President Joe Banner. ""The Eagles have long made it a priority to help others and with the support of our fans in the Garden State, we are confident this will be a success.""

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