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Eagles collaborate with local fashion designer Jimmy Gorecki on limited-edition JSP clothing line 


Jimmy Gorecki grew up watching Eagles games in the late '80s on his grandfather's couch. Now, the former skateboarder-turned-fashion designer is living out a lifelong dream.  

Gorecki and his brand JSP have teamed up with the organization to create a limited-edition Eagles clothing line inspired by the diverse fan base.  

"This is the most incredible moment of my life," Gorecki said. "I have been fortunate to do many cool things in my life, but on a personal level, it does not get any bigger than this." 

JSP, short for "Jimmy Sweatpants," a nickname Gorecki was given earlier in his career thanks to his love of sweatpants. The collection is part of Gorecki's Standard Issue Tees brand, which he partnered with Jarod Lee in 2018. 

The Temple University graduate made a name for himself as an amateur skateboarder, represented by big-name brands such as Aesthetics, Zoo York, and BBC Icecream. The Billionaire Boys Club, a clothing brand founded by pop star Pharrell Williams, was Gorecki's big break in the skating industry.

The Eagles partnered with local fashion designer and lifelong fan Jimmy Gorecki on a limited-edition clothing line that is available now at all Official Eagles Pro Shops and online. Check out the apparel!

After his skating career ended, the Norristown, Pennsylvania native put his marketing degree to use by creating JSP in 2013. The sweatpants brand has evolved into much more over the years. Now, Gorecki is partnering with the Eagles as he shares his love for fashion. 

"It took years for people to realize that skating and fashion are parallel to each other," Gorecki said. "I have always made it a point to keep skating a part of my fashion. Even if I am doing a project unrelated to skating, it will still be featured and presented accurately, respectfully, and tastefully." 

The taste for fashion and interest in the industry came from his two sisters, who Gorecki said, "dressed so cool." Gorecki noted that they were always up on the latest fashion trends and would take him shopping on Market Street. 

Now living in Los Angeles, the 41-year-old always sticks to his Philadelphia roots. He now gets to collaborate with his favorite team. 

"The passion for this project goes all the way back to early childhood memories," Gorecki said. "Generations of excitement and love led to this project. 

"Everything that we do at JSP ties back to Philadelphia and the different super hyper-local things that people here understand." 

Gorecki's journey with his Eagles project started with a collaboration with Amoroso's Italian Rolls. Jesse Amoroso, the company's vice president, connected the designer with the Eagles' marketing and merchandise teams right around Super Bowl LVII. 

The lifelong fan's pitch to the organization was simple. 

"No brand is going to bring out the love and passion for the Philadelphia Eagles more than I am," Gorecki said.  

Once Gorecki was given the green light, he hit the ground running.


Gorecki created two diner-sized menus of ideas for the apparel.

He called it his bible of graphics.

Once all the assets were selected, the generational collection was created.

Gorecki used an Eagles tailgate as the runway for his clothing line.

"The one place that is going to represent all the eras of Eagles green is the parking lots at the Linc," Gorecki said. "That is what I saw as a little kid, so I wanted to convey that."

The collection is available at the Official Eagles Pro Shops and online at

"We put the love, trust, and energy into this collection that truly conveys how personal and rewarding this opportunity was," Gorecki said.

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