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Eagles Autism Challenges unveils new Sensory Walk for 2019

There were over 3,300 bikers, runners, and walkers in the inaugural Eagles Autism Challenge in 2018. But many other potential participants did not register over sensory overload concerns.

That's why there will be a new Sensory Walk included in this year's Eagles Autism Challenge that provides a quieter, sensory-friendly environment with frequent breaks and a shorter distance to better address the needs of the autism community. Participants will receive the same Eagles Autism Challenge performance T-shirts as the 5K participants but enjoy the event at their own pace.

The Sensory Walk uses the same starting line at Lincoln Financial Field Way, but there will be no cowbells or walking past the Eagles Drumline. Prior to the finish, the Sensory Walk course will include a rest stop just outside the West Club lobby complete with water and sensory bags containing items like fidget spinners, squeeze toys, earplugs, and sunglasses. Noise-canceling headphones will also be available if needed.

When ready, the Sensory Walk participants will enter the field through the Eagles' tunnel and cross the 50-yard line, receive their medals, and join the Finish Line Celebration!

The Eagles Autism Challenge Sensory Walk was created to support all ages and abilities. Sign up now at ****.

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