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Eagles announce addition of eight new Cheer Team Members for 2020

For the first time in team history, auditions for the Eagles Cheer Team were conducted virtually to protect the health and safety of contestants during the COVID-19 pandemic. A record high 576 candidates applied, spanning across 23 states in addition to Canada, Japan, and Mexico.

Over the course of two months and several elimination rounds, 30 contestants made it to the final audition, which consisted of a choreographed dance routine and an in-depth business interview. Eight new members were selected to the 2020 squad, which included a Doctor of Optometry, a 13-year Air Force veteran, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a NASA intern, and a magazine editor-in-chief. The eight new members, who will now join 30 returning veterans from the 2019 squad, received the news through a surprise virtual call conducted by Eagles Director of Entertainment Teams, Barbara Zaun.

"We are thrilled to welcome eight new members to the 2020 Eagles Cheer Team," Zaun said. "As ambassadors for the organization, the Eagles Cheer Team has a unique platform to help make a positive impact regionally and globally. We believe that this incredibly talented group of women and men will be exceptional representatives.

"In addition to their talent, impressive careers, and diverse educational backgrounds, they are socially conscious individuals who have inspiring life experiences and a passion for community service. We would like to congratulate the eight new members and look forward to having them join the veteran members of the squad in engaging Eagles fans everywhere."

The Eagles Cheer Team serves as brand ambassadors for the organization and takes part in community-related appearances year-round.

Get to know the new 2020 Eagles Cheer Team Members:

Adriana 2020 Cheer Team 061720

Adriana Alfaro is from Arlington, Virginia. She served 13 years active duty in the Air Force and is currently employed at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Adriana earned a B.S. degree in human resource management and a B.S. degree in business administration from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC).

"I haven't stopped smiling since being selected as a 2020 Philadelphia Eagles Cheer Team Member," Alfaro said. "Not only is this a tremendous opportunity to perform with and for an amazing team, but it provides a platform to be a positive role model and inspiration to others. I'm looking forward to interacting with all the fans and immersing myself in the community. Whether on or off the field, I hope to make my teammates and the organization proud."

Latik 2020 Cheer Team Member 061720

Latik Jefferson is from Brooklyn, New York. He is a professional dancer and earned a BFA degree in dance from the University of the Arts.

"Growing up, I didn't have anyone to look up to in this position to say it was OK to be a cheerleader, or in the arts in general," Jefferson said. "Being an Eagles Cheer Team Member, I want to be the sense of hope to the younger generation, showing them that through hard work and dedication, anything is possible."

Kyle 2020 Cheer Team 061720

Kyle Kammerle is from Glenside, Pennsylvania and is currently a physical therapist and adjunct professor. He earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Arcadia University and a B.S. degree in biology with a biomedical concentration.

"I find myself processing the reality of this momentous opportunity. I'm thrilled to be a part of this impressive amalgamation of diverse and accomplished individuals, and continue a newfound passion that gives me the most joy in life – dancing! More importantly though, I cannot wait to utilize this platform as a part of a respected and beloved organization to make a difference in the local, national, and global communities the Eagles have the pleasure of interacting with," Kammerle said.

"It is my hope that I can serve as a constructive representative that seeks to inspire fans, viewers, and community members alike. I want to show the versatility of cheerleaders in that we don't simply exist as performers, but rather in a more intriguing area of gray as doctors, educators, and societal-partners who love serving those around them."

Lisa 2020 Cheer Team Member 061720

Lisa Liu is from New York City and is currently a marketing manager and editor-in-chief for Inside Hotels magazine. She earned a Master of Management and Hospitality from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and accounting from Simon Fraser University.

"When I was growing up, I always looked up to the Philadelphia Eagles Cheer Team Members as they are all accomplished individuals both on and off the field. They set an example for me to strive to be successful in my career while continuing to pursue my passion for dance and performance," Liu said. "It is an absolute dream come true to become an Eagles Cheer Team Member, and I hope to inspire others like how the Eagles Cheer Team Members once inspired me. I cannot wait to cheer on my favorite team and perform for the BEST fans in the NFL!"

Kailyn 2020 Cheer Team 061720

Kaitlyn Obetz is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. She plans to pursue an MBA and obtain a career in conducting and interpreting neuroscience research.

"Being selected to represent an organization that brings so much positivity, love, and excitement to our city is an honor and a dream come true," Obetz said. "I am so excited to perform for Eagles fans and support them in the community off the field! GO BIRDS!"

Cristina 2020 Cheer Team 061720

Cristina Rosano is from West Chester, Pennsylvania and is currently a Doctor of Optometry. She attended Virginia Tech and earned a Bachelor of Science in human nutrition, foods, and exercise before pursuing a Doctorate of Optometry from Pennsylvania College of Optometry.

"Being selected as a new member of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheer Team, along with graduating from optometry school this year, has truly been my dream come true," Rosano said. "This year, the culmination of hard work and dedication in chasing my dreams has finally come to fruition. Let's go Eagles!"

Mya 2020 Cheer Team Member 061720

Mya Sims is from Asbury Park, New Jersey and is currently a budget and contract management/launch services intern at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. She is a 2020 graduate of the Fox School of Business at Temple University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing.

"Being from a small town in New Jersey, making the Philadelphia Eagles Cheer Team is a huge accomplishment," Sims said. "This whole process was extremely rewarding and I am excited to see what the season brings with the support of my family, friends, and Eagles Nation."

Allison 2020 Cheer Team CMS 061720

Allison Tuso is from Philadelphia. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in child development from California Polytechnic State University and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in occupational therapy at Thomas Jefferson University.

"Being an Eagles Cheer Team Member is truly a dream come true," Tuso said. "I am a passionate advocate for the autism community and I now have an opportunity to represent an organization that supports the autism community. Being a part of the Eagles organization while earning my doctorate in occupational therapy enables me to further help those affected by autism. I've participated previously in the Eagles Autism Challenge and can't wait to now participate as an Eagles Cheer Team Member!"

For the first time in team history, auditions for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders was conducted virtually. Following the audition process, eight new members were selected to the 2020 squad. Get to know them, as well as the 30 returning veterans from the 2019 team!

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