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Eagles Among Most Stable Teams At QB

With all the talk about the Eagles' quarterback situation, perhaps it's time to consider just how fortunate the Eagles have been over the past decade to have such stability at the game's most important position.

The Eagles have two talented backup signal-callers in Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick, but the lead man at the position is Donovan McNabb, who has been the Eagles' number one quarterback since mid-way through the 2000 season.

The Eagles have had seven different quarterbacks start games for them from 2000-2009, but only McNabb and Doug Pederson have been considered the number one quarterback. Compared to the rest of the league, the only franchise that has had only one quarterback as the number one-man the whole time is the Indianapolis Colts, whose quarterback Peyton Manning started every game of the decade.

Five other franchises, the Green Bay Packers, the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks, the St. Louis Rams and the Houston Texans (who entered the league in 2002) have also had only two quarterbacks occupy the role of number one quarterback since 2000. It should come as no surprise that quality stability at the most important position has led to success. The five winningest teams of the 2000s (Indianapolis, New England, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Green Bay) have all had no more than three number one quarterbacks since 2000.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Chicago Bears have had a whopping 10 different quarterbacks considered the number one quarterback for the franchise, while 13 different players have started at quarterback for them over that time. The Miami Dolphins lead the league with 14 different starting quarterbacks from 2000-2009.

Considering how well-stocked the Eagles are at the premium quarterback position, they'll be hoping for another decade of stability under center.

Most Stable Franchises At QB
Team No. 1 QBs QB Starters
Indianapolis 1 1
Green Bay 2 2
New England 2 3
Houston 2 5
Seattle 2 6
Philadelphia 2 7
St. Louis 2 11
Least Stable Franchises At QB
Team No. 1 QBs QB Starters
Chicago 10 13
Miami 8 14
Tampa Bay 7 12
Baltimore 7 11
Oakland 7 11
Washington 7 10
Entered the league in 2002

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 2:10 p.m., February 4

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