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DT Gerald McCoy Scouting Report

DT Gerald McCoy, Nebraska
Pos. Rank: 2 Grade: 1st Round Height: 6-4 Weight: 295 40: 5.08 Year: 4-Jr.

The Good: Explosive college lineman who plays with great quickness and suddenness. Fires off the ball with great first step, keeps his pads low to the ground and gets leverage on opponents. Explodes through gaps up the field, immediately alters his angle of attack, and fluid moving laterally to chase the action out to the flanks. Works his hands to protect himself and tough to handle on the inside. Hustles, works hard to make plays and fights throughout the action.

The Bad: Lacks natural bulk, at times easily knocked off balance by the first block or handled by a single lineman. Can be out-positioned from the action by wide-bodied blockers.

The Verdict: McCoy was a tremendous player at Oklahoma and offers a large degree of upside for the next level. He offers possibilities at tackle in a conventional four-man line or as a solid two-gap end in the future as a physically matures.

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