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Draft Countdown: Top 10 Fullbacks

Here is a breakdown of the Top 10 fullbacks available in the 2009 NFL Draft ...

1. Brannan Southerland, Georgia

Ht: 6-0 Wt: 242 40-Yard: 4.68 Year: Sr.

Scouting Report: Southerland has been a terrific fullback the past four years at Georgia, and he is a competitive player who goes hard until the whistle blows. He offers the ability to play in a number of offensive systems at the next level, and he will be in the league a long time if his foot is healthy.

Grade: Fourth or Fifth Round

2. Tony Fiammetta, Syracuse

Ht: 6-0 Wt: 245 40-Yard: 4.59 Year: 5-Sr.

Scouting Report: Fiammetta has shown flashes of ability the past four years, yet he has never truly been as dominant as scouts had hoped. He offers a good degree of upside, and he seemingly has the mental makeup to be a lead blocker in the NFL, but he must take his game to another level immediately.

Grade: Fourth or Fifth Round

3. Quinn Johnson, LSU

Ht: 6-0.5 Wt: 246 40-Yard: 4.81 Year:5-Sr.

Scouting Report: Johnson is a hard-working traditional lead blocker who does the dirty work. His inability to handle the ball will knock him off the draft boards of a number of teams, but Johnson would be an asset as a lead blocker in a power running system.

Grade: Fifth or Sixth Round

4. Conredge Collins, Pittsburgh

Ht: 5-11 Wt: 227 40-Yard: 4.72 Year: Sr.

Scouting Report:Collins is a terrific football player who is much more productive than his stats would indicate, and he's more athletic than his size/speed numbers lead one to believe. He works hard to do the little things well, and he is productive in all his assignments. Collins is not player for everyone, yet if given a chance, he should produce at the next level as a backup fullback and a prospect I think will stand out on special teams.

Grade: Fifth or Sixth Round


Syracuse's Tony Fiammetta

5. Brock Bolen, Louisville

Ht: 5-11.5 Wt: 247 40-Yard: 4.71 Year: 5-Sr.

Scouting Report: Bolen is a hard-working, intelligent football player who does the little things well. He's been a productive and skill player at Louisville, and he shows mentality and skills necessary to get the job done as a blocker.

Grade: Sixth or Seventh Round

6. Marcus Mailei, Weber State

Ht: 5-11.5 Wt: 248 40-Yard: 4.95 Year:Sr.

Scouting Report: Mailei is a well-sized fullback who plays much faster than his 40 time. He does the little things well and offers the mentality an approach to be a special teams demon. Mailei is a sleeper at the fullback position and a potential late-round choice with a real opportunity to make an NFL roster.

Grade: Seventh Round or Free Agent

7. Jason Cook, Mississippi

Ht: 5-11.5 Wt: 244 40-Yard: 4.75 Year:5-Sr.

Scouting Report: Cook flew under the radar screens for most of the past three years yet on film he looks as good as any fullback in the country. Despite his marginal production handling the ball Cook possesses the athleticism to help out as an offensive threat. He'll likely fall into the late rounds of the draft yet could easily make a roster at the next level.

Grade:Sixth or Seventh Round

8. Fui Vakapuna, BYU

Ht: 5-11.5 Wt: 247 40-Yard: 4.72 Year: 5-Sr.

Scouting Report: Vakapuna does the little things well, and he has enough size to be a lead blocker at the next level. He's mostly a one-dimensional player, yet he could find a home as a backup fullback/special teams player for a franchise that relies on the running game.

Grade: Seventh Round or Free Agent

9. Travis McCall, Alabama

Ht: 6-2 Wt:276 40-Yard: 4.83 Year: Sr.

Scouting Report: McCall has the build and mentality to be a lead blocker at the next level. He's best as a second fullback in a power running offense.

Grade:Seventh Round or Free Agent

10. Will Ta'ufo'ou, California

Ht: 5-10.5 Wt: 251 40-Yard: 4.85 Year: 5-Sr.

Scouting Report: Ta'ufo'ou is a hard-working fullback who's also been very effective on special teams in college. He has the skill set to find a home as a number two fullback on a roster, and Ta'ufo'ou presents himself as a special teams demon.

Grade: Seventh Round or Free Agent

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