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Doug Pederson Responds To His Critics


Head coach Doug Pederson was set to wrap up his Wednesday press conference until he offered to field one final question. He was asked for his response to the analysts who have criticized and doubted Pederson from the time he was named Eagles head coach back on January 18, 2016.

Seven teams hired new head coaches in that cycle. Pederson was ranked as the fifth-best move based "on potential." Three of the coaches have already been dismissed.

A former general manager said before the start of this season that Pederson "might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone I've ever seen in my 30-plus years in the NFL." Michael Lombardi offered a lukewarm apology after Pederson became the first coach from the Class of 2016 to reach a conference championship game.

Pederson has kept his focus on the team and that approach has the Eagles one win away from representing the NFC in Super Bowl LII. Pederson said he's not listening to the outside noise.

"I don't pay any attention to that quite honestly. I drive home at night knowing I put in a full day's work. I get up in the morning to come in here, however I can serve this organization, serve these players. That's all I know. That's all I know," Pederson said. "I love football. I love coaching football. I love teaching it. I love being around these guys and I'm going to pour my life into these players and if it's good enough, great. That's all I know I can do and I know I've given it my best effort. I don't care about what's written. It's kind of like the underdog thing. Our players don't pay much attention to that an I'm kind of the same way. Except for the dog mask."

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