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Domowitch: Forget About Tebow, But Bulger?

The off-season began with the rampant rumors that the St. Louis Rams would be the most likely landing spot for Eagles backup Michael Vick.

But with the draft less than two weeks away, there is a chance that a former Ram will be joining Vick in Philadelphia.

Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News reported Friday morning that the Eagles "really can't afford to go with (Kevin) Kolb, Vick and a rookie project as their three quarterbacks" in 2010. That has been the assumed quarterback situation after Donovan McNabb was traded last Sunday to the Washington Redskins. In fact, Domowitch specifically mentioned former Rams starting quarterback Marc Bulger as a potential replacement as the primary backup to Kolb. Bulger was let go on Monday as a likely precursor to the selecting of Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford in the draft.

Why wouldn't Vick be the primary backup in 2010? Domowitch stated that the Eagles are still open to trading him. It would make sense for a team that missed out in the McNabb sweepstakes - Oakland, Buffalo perhaps - to jump on Vick, who will have an entire off-season to build upon the foundation he set in 2009. It can be argued that Vick is still better than a number of quarterbacks starting right now. And as for the public relations aspect of adding Vick, he has been a model citizen in his time in Philadelphia. The number of Vick jerseys in the crowd at both home and away games is proof that he could energize the fanbase of a stagnant franchise.

The mention of Bulger as an Eagle is a surprise, but probably no more than the nugget that Sports Illustrated's Peter King dropped when he reported that the Eagles would take a serious look at Florida quarterback Tim Tebow in the draft. One of college football's most successful players of all-time, Tebow would fit the bill of a developmental quarterback. One of the most highly debated subjects of the draft has been whether Tebow will be successful in the NFL. His intangibles have been rated off-the-charts, but there are questions about his mechanics and decision-making.

"I have heard the Eagles will now focus on Tebow and are likely to join the parade of teams working him out and spending time with him," King wrote.

Domowitch reported that Eagles fans can forget all the Tebow hype.

"According to a league source, (the Eagles) currently have no plans to bring Tebow in for a pre-draft visit or work him out elsewhere," Domowitch wrote. ""Does that mean they absolutely, positively won't draft Tebow later this month? No, but it's extremely unlikely, particularly as his stock continues to rise.""

With 11 draft picks, the Eagles have enough ammo to take Tebow, but Domowitch believes that the absolute latest Tebow will be selected is the third round and some mock drafts will stun you as they have pegged Tebow as a top-10 selection.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 10:57 a.m., April 9

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