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DE Carlos Dunlap Scouting Report

DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida
Pos. Rank: 4 Grade: 1st Round Height: 6-5 1/2 Weight: 277 40: 4.66 Year: 3-Jr.

The Good: Large, imposing defensive lineman who flashes the ability to take over the action. Athletic, displays both power, quickness, as well as speed. Fluid moving about the field, stout as a run defender and easily brings ball-carriers down on initial contact. Tough to handle, pushes linemen off the ball, and fluid making plays up the field or out to the flanks. Tall enough to get his hands up and knock away throws. Fluid changing direction and covers a good amount of area on the field.

The Bad: Gets tall out of his stance and makes himself an easy target for opponents. Must do a better job using his hands to protect himself. All too often slowed up at the point by blockers. Disappears for stretches and is known to have motivational issues.

The Verdict: Dunlap is an immense prospect with outstanding size and football skill. His inconsistent play the past two years and penchant for disappearing for long stretches has been disconcerting. Dunlop could be an all-star type player at the next level if he puts it together and plays hard for 60 minutes or the type of defensive lineman who keeps people thinking he is capable of much more.

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