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Could Steelers Turn To Eagles For A QB?

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger could potentially face a legal situation in Georgia which may force his team to look at other options at the quarterback position in 2010. The key word here is ""could."" Roethlisberger is facing accusations at this point. There have been no charges brought against him. Even if they are, it would likely take a conviction before Roethlisberger was disciplined by the league. The Steelers could always step in and punish Roethlisberger on their own beforehand.

Nonetheless, the loss of a franchise quarterback who has already won two Super Bowls would put the Steelers in a tough situation entering 2010 after not making the playoff last year.

What alternatives would the Steelers have at quarterback should Roethlisberger not be available? Sporting News' and Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio took a detailed look at what would be available and the Eagles could be a factor. Florio surmised that Michael Vick should be on the team's shortlist of options.

"Coach Mike Tomlin, a native of eastern Virginia, has an affinity for players who are from that area. Mike Vick is from that area," Florio wrote. "In the past, Tomlin has spoken of Vick in positive terms. So if Tomlin were forced to move forward without Roethlisberger, would Tomlin be interested in bringing the Eagles' third-stringer to the other side of Pennsylvania?"

Reports last summer indicated that the Steelers were one of the teams interested in acquiring Vick after his release from prison. The Eagles signed him on August 13 to a two-year deal.

Florio concluded that in the end it's "highly unlikely" that Vick would suit up in the black and gold. But if the Steelers decide to pull the plug on Roethlisberger or are forced to, there are some tempting options on the other side of the state.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 7:02 p.m., March 12

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