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Cosell's 10 Things To Watch Sunday

NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell has examined the New York Giants on tape this season. Here are 10 things to watch as the Eagles play the Giants on Sunday at 1 PM.

Giants On Offense

1. The Eagles' tackling is critical versus Giants receivers due to pass game emphasis on three- and five-step timing throws.

2. Quarterback Eli Manning has not been consistently accurate and precise with his ball location this season. A good example was on a third-and-7 wheel route to wide receiver Sterling Shepard from 12-yard line in the second quarter against the Rams. Manning left it a little short on a well-designed red zone play.

3. The Giants have not really shown a consistent intermediate passing game this season. The pass game has been very condensed. Manning has not been consistently strong in the pocket. He has a glaring tendency to be very reactive to pressure on his throws.

4. The Giants' offense is limited right now: No consistent run game at all, a pass game with little intermediate or vertical dimension by design and an uncomfortable pocket quarterback.

5. In the loss to the Vikings, the Giants' wide receivers - Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and Shepard - were not factors in the game. There were no slants with run after the catch. Shepard did not work the seams or sail routes. There was no rhythm to the Giants' pass game. Manning played fast and was not comfortable.

Giants On Defense

1. The Giants like to mix up their looks in the red zone with multiple coverage concepts: Quarters, Cover 3 and Cover 3 Boundary Lock.

2. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo features different subpackage defensive line combinations, including snaps with defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul at DT and linebacker Devon Kennard utilized at times as an edge rusher from 3-point stance.

3. The Giants implement a defensive line rotation with nine players getting meaningful snaps.

4. Against Baltimore, the Giants were able to generate some consistent pressure on quarterback Joe Flacco throughout the game, both with four-man defensive line rush and blitz packages. This was a high-percentage blitz game for the Giants.

5. With all the injuries in the secondary, Spagnuolo has been limited to playing nickel. The dime subpackage was a major foundation of the Giants' defense. Will that return against the Eagles?

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