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Comic Con: Why Is Jason Peters The Hulk?

Thursday may have marked the end of Eagles minicamp, but it also marks the beginning of another event in the city. Philadelphia's Wizard World Comic Convention will be taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention center Thursday through Sunday.

Fans will flock to the event, many dressed head to toe like one of their favorite heroes or villains. That got us thinking: which Eagles players share something in common with characters from the sci-fi or comic universes?

Here are five Eagles (plus an added, bonus Eagle) who possess some super qualities …

Jason Peters & The Incredible Hulk


Playing against Peters is a whole different story, but to even just stand next to him can be intimidating. Standing at 6-foot-4, 328 pounds, Peters may just be the strongest Eagle on the team. The five-time All-Pro selection can stop any defender in his path, yet he's as agile and athletic as anyone in the NFL. Incredible is the best word to describe how well Peters has played since joining the Eagles in 2009.

Bryan Braman & Thor


The first comparison here is the hair. Braman's flowing blonde hair can only be described as mystical or legendary. But the comparison goes further than that. Thor also uses his trusty hammer to bring down the pain on his enemies. Braman also lays down the hammer on opponents, even when his helmet falls off while covering kickoffs.

Alejandro Villanueva & Captain America


For those who don't know, Captain America was a Super Soldier, created by the United States to fight in combat. Before joining the Eagles, Villanueva served three different tours of duty in Afghanistan. In fact, the defensive lineman was promoted to Captain shortly before signing with the Eagles. All he needs now is the shield.

Trent Cole & Predator


Comic Con isn't limited to comic book characters. Some of the best sci-fi and action characters from TC shows and movies may also be in attendance, such as the Predator. Trent Cole doesn't have dreadlocks, so how could he be the Predator? Well, it all goes back to the Eagles' defensive scheme. At the two outside linebacker positions, the Eagles call one linebacker the "Jack", a role typically filled by Connor Barwin. The other outside linebacker position is called… that's right, the "Predator". Plus, Cole is known for being a hunter, both on and off of the field.

LeSean McCoy & The Flash


After leading the NFL in 2013 with 1,607 rushing yards, LeSean McCoy has earned comparisons to the Flash. McCoy sped by defenders again and again last season en route to the most successful rushing season in Eagles history. There were high expectations for McCoy last season with the arrival of Chip Kelly and his run-centric Oregon offense, and McCoy lived up to all of the hype, and then some.

Bonus: Brian Dawkins & Wolverine


Call him "Wolverine" or "Weapon X" or whatever you'd like, there's no doubt that Brian Dawkins performed like a Super Hero throughout his Eagles career. Whether Dawkins was getting on all fours as he came out of the tunnel before a game or he was pouncing on ball carriers and taking them to the ground, Dawkins perfectly embodied the animalistic intensity of Wolverine. In fact, the Wolverine nickname stuck so well that Marvel created a custom print for Dawkins' retirement ceremony in September of 2012.

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