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Comfort Breeds Success For Maclin

Although the Eagles newcomer who got the most attention during the Eagles 33-32 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars was undoubtedly Michael Vick, first-round pick Jeremy Maclin made his most impressive contribution of the preseason, hauling in four catches for 53 yards.

"I felt good all week during practice, and I felt like I did fairly well tonight," Maclin said after the game.

He said the most important key to his progress has been an increased familiarity with the offense.

"As you learn the offense you get more comfortable," Maclin said, "And the biggest thing is just to make the play when the ball comes your way. That's pretty much all you can do right now."

But Maclin is a perfectionist and he won't stay too content with his performance.

"I'll go back and look at the tape and see what I can do better," he said.

As for Vick, Maclin was impressed with what he saw from the quarterback who played in his first football game in two years.

"I thought he looked alright," Maclin said. "He only got a few snaps, but I thought he executed when he was in there. I thought he did fairly well.

"He was all smiles, I'm pretty sure he was excited to be out there."

Maclin was asked if the rotating of quarterbacks between Donovan McNabb and Vick threw off the rhythm of the offense at all, and responded, "No, not at all."

Maclin missed a few plays in the middle of the game with a "banged-up hip" but he returned to the game and said the injury is nothing to worry about.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 11:53 p.m., August 27

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