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Cole Reflects On His Football Mortality

Defensive end Trent Cole tried to grab the keys from his locker so he could run out and purchase Powerball tickets early Wednesday afternoon. However, he was quickly met with a swarm of reporters at his locker.

Cole is good friends with Jason Babin, who was released by the Eagles on Tuesday. Naturally, the media wanted to know what Cole's reaction was to the news. Cole didn't have to wait long to find out as Babin was at Cole's house when he got the phone call that his time in Philly was up.

"It's sad to see him go, but we know what kind of business we're in. There's a process to things, there's a way to do things," Cole said. "We're in the game of football. We're in this game of professional football and it's just the way it goes."

One of the longest tenured players on the roster, Cole has experienced virtually every aspect of the NFL. In his eighth season, one unfortunate aspect of the game that Cole has never endured is what Babin experienced on Tuesday. A fifth-round pick in 2005, Cole was rewarded with his third NFL contract this past offseason.

However, Cole is not naive. Vinny Curry's emergence on Monday night, amassing five tackles in 21 snaps in his NFL debut, made the release of Babin easier to make. Babin didn't fit into the team's future plans and Curry is ready to showcase his skills now. Babin was not out of work for long as he was claimed by Jacksonville on Wednesday. But Cole knows that eventually there will be someone who will take his roster spot.

"If my day comes, my day comes," Cole said. "I've had the realization my day is going to come near and this is what it is. Me, personally, I had that realization that I'm just going to play until I can't play anymore."

A year ago, Babin and Cole combined for 29 sacks invoking memories of Reggie White and Clyde Simmons. Cole is third in franchise history before the aforementioned duo with 69.5 career sacks.

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