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Chip Kelly's System Powers The Offense

In the lead up to the NFL Draft, NFL Network is examining each team's biggest strength. And the analysts look at head coach Chip Kelly's offensive system as the one aspect that the Eagles can bank on more than anything else.

"Chip Kelly's unscouted looks and his tempo has to be the strength of the team," said former NFL safety Jordan Babineaux.

"He's brought a tempo and a formation, variations that teams had to prepare for and they really didn't know how to prepare for because Chip Kelly's offense wasn't really scouted at the pro level. He makes you prepare for things defensively during the week where you really end up wasting your time spending reps on those looks of what you think you may get."

Former NFL fullback Michael Robinson doesn't think defenses will be able to take advantage of having a year's worth of Kelly's NFL offense on tape.

"I think Chip Kelly is going to prepare for defenses adjusting to him. I think Chip Kelly's system and the mismatches, he puts his players in advantageous situations, defenses didn't know what to do putting players like LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson in space," Robinson said.

Of course, the Eagles don't have Jackson, but Babineaux and Robinson cited the addition of running back Darren Sproles and the return of wide receiver Jeremy Maclin as new ways for Kelly to put stress on defenses.

The segment on NFL Network also delved into the area the Eagles need to address the most and the two analysts each selected a different phase of the game.

Babineaux went with special teams citing the Snow Bowl game in which Lions returner Jeremy Ross scored on a punt return and a kickoff return. The Eagles have bolstered the special teams this offseason by re-signing punter Donnie Jones, trading for Sproles and adding special teams stalwarts such as linebacker Bryan Braman and safety Chris Maragos.

Robinson pointed to the defense and more specifically the pass rush as the Eagles finished with 37 sacks, good for 20th in the NFL.

New Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins appeared this week as a guest analyst on NFL Network and he tweeted his own opinion of where the Eagles need to improve the most.

Number 1 #Eagles Need: Pass Defense #NFLAM and we gotta find a way to get @BrandonBoykin2 on the field more often. — Malcolm Jenkins (@MalcolmJenkins) April 17, 2014

Fortunately, Jenkins will play an instrumental part in the improvement on the backend of the defense.

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