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CB Perrish Cox Scouting Report

CB Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State
Pos. Rank: 9 Grade: 2nd Round Height: 5-11 1/2 Weight: 195 40: 4.58 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Natural cover corner that also impacts the game as a return specialist. Fluid pedaling in reverse, quickly flips his hips and loses nothing in transition. Smooth moving in every direction of the field, displays terrific footwork and an explosive burst out of his plant. Shows a burst of closing speed, possesses terrific hands for the interception and is very agile. Wraps up tackling. Elusive and creative as a return specialist, altering the momentum of games with long returns.

The Bad: Falls asleep and at times blows assignments. Late reacting on occasion. Ran poorly at the combine.

The Verdict: Cox possesses the skills necessary to be a second cornerback on the NFL level as well as offering the skills necessary to impact any team as a return specialist. He offers a large degree of upside and could be starting by the end of his rookie season if he keeps his focus on the field.

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