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CB Joe Haden Scouting Report

CB Joe Haden, Florida
Pos. Rank: 1 Grade: 1st Round Height: 5-10 1/2 Weight: 193 40: 4.52 Year: 3-Jr.

The Good: Lock-down cornerback with a complete game. Displays a physical nature to his game, jams receivers at the line of scrimmage, and quick up the field defending the run. Fluid turning his hips to transition off the line, smooth pedaling in reverse, and displays good route recognition. Quickly locates the ball in the air, possesses a nice move to the throw, and solid awareness. Rarely off his feet, explosive at the point and a solid open field tackler. Forceful up the field on the blitz. Works well with safeties. Helps out on special teams, making tackles on coverage units.

The Bad: Lacks the explosive burst out of his plant to the ball. Does not possess top end speed. Ran poorly during the combine.

The Verdict: Haden has been a terrific college cornerback and projects well to the next level. He possesses the physical skills and football fundamentals to quickly break into a starting lineup, and he has all the tools to be a number one cornerback for an NFL team.

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