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Casserly: Kolb Worth A Top-Five Pick

In fact, Casserly likes Kolb so much that he believes that not only is the veteran backup worth a first-round pick, but a high one at that.

How high you ask?

"In certain systems, there's no question I'd give a high first-round pick for this guy. Maybe a top-five pick," Casserly said on NFL Network's Path to the Draft. "If I'm Arizona, right now, who's going to throw to Larry Fitzgerald?"

Arizona happens to own the fifth-overall pick in this year's draft.

Casserly also unveiled an important nugget on the show. According to him, NFL teams were sent letters in the last week that ordered them to no longer discuss possible trades involving players with other teams. During the current work stoppage, teams are allowed to trade draft picks but not players. Teams were, however, allowed to discuss potential player trades and the Eagles have admitted that there is a lot of interest around the league for Kolb. Sports Illustrated's Peter King was the first to report that the Eagles already have an offer of a first-round pick on the table.

Once a labor agreement is reached, Casserly said that if the Eagles do want to trade Kolb they shouldn't settle.

"I'd take a one for him, but a two? No," Casserly said. "He's too valuable to my franchise to let him go for a second-round draft choice."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 5:40 p.m., March 31

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