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Bright, White In Camp's First Fight

Tight end Eugene Bright and linebacker Tracy White provided the first scuffle of camp as the pair traded punches following a running play during a "live" team period Saturday morning.

"Everybody wants the last hit. I wasn't giving it up. He wasn't giving it up. And eventually things escalated," Bright said. "It was no big deal. Things like that don't carry over to the next play nor does it carry into the locker room. I think the play just carried over a little bit longer than normal."

At one point, Bright, a former defensive end, found himself surrounded by as many as six defensive players.

"I guess I'm still in that defensive mindframe, so it was like I think I can take on the world," he said. "I think it was just the heat getting to everybody. Those things happen. It was just one play. The next play you forget all about it. It was just the heat of the battle, two guys trying to see who's tougher."

Cramps forced Bright to be carted off at the end of the morning practice. He was back on the field for the afternoon session.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 6:20 p.m., August 1

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