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Brandon Graham Travel Diary: Some Gifts Before A Business Trip

I need to sleep on this plane for at least the first half of the flight. I gotta get some sleep. I gotta get ready because right when we get off the plane, it's time to go again, so I want to make sure I'm rested. Luckily, I can sleep on a plane. I'm good at sleeping at the drop of a dime, so it should be good.

It's going to be cool just being somewhere different than the United States. It's a business trip, but at the same time, we're going to enjoy looking at all the sights on the way to the hotel and seeing how the hotels are. I'm just making sure I set aside time to do the work and for me to relax and recharge by seeing everything and doing stuff like that.

Packing for the trip wasn't too bad. It was only difficult for me because I'm staying for a week after the game. I'm going to be out there until Saturday. My wife (Carlyne), baby girl (Emerson), and my mom (Tasha), they're going to be out there with me.

My wife has been there before, I haven't, so she's going to show us around. She has a whole itinerary of different things she wants to do. I don't know exactly what we're doing or where we're going yet. I haven't looked at the itinerary. I want her to surprise me.

I talked to Bennie Logan about traveling. He played in London last weekend. He just told me that it's nice out there and you can get distracted real quick, so just come prepared. That's it. And I will. I know how to separate the two.

To kick off the trip, I bought these throwback Starter jackets for the whole team. I've known a guy who works for Starter since my college days at Michigan. He does stuff behind the scenes with the jackets and he sent me some gear in advance. I had my jacket for a while and liked it, so I wanted to get one for everyone on the team.


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