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Bradley Blog: The Transition Period


I think we are in a transition period between the heavy hitting two-a-days and now we are moving into game-planning for teams. The Steelers were the first step in getting prepared for the season. We went through a small, microcosm of game-planning these past couple of days, but it isn't to the depth that we'll do once we get into the season.

It's good to get your feet wet and to hit a different color jersey for a change. We'll be back in Lehigh for this next week, go over the film, try to sure up some things and improve on what we need to improve.

I was a special teams player last year and now have a larger role as the starting middle linebacker and defensive signal caller. I think those shirts that special teams Coach Rory Segrest got made up, the ones with the word Pride without the "i" in the middle, are very important. You can kind of look at that like each individual person matters.

It's against the whole cliché. Obviously there is no "i" in team, but there is an "i" in Pride. It's kind of how each person's strength is essential to the puzzle coming together and is also essential on special teams. I think it's an effective idea and we put a lot of trust in special teams this year, like we do every year, but especially this year. We have some good personnel in there, especially in the return game that we want to do a good job for and we are excited about it.

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