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Bradley Blog: The Happy Dance

The Giants running backs are good. I don't think there's a bigger back in the league than Brandon Jacobs. At least one that is as fast and as big as him. That's a lot of power. Mass times velocity equals power, right? It's going to be a challenge. We're going to have to swarm, get a lot of guys around the ball. We're going to have to play with good eyes and read our keys well so we can react quickly to the run because if you're slow, he has a full head of steam and he's in the secondary. He does a lot of damage.

The fact that Brandon Jacobs is the same height and weighs just three pounds less than somebody as big as Victor Abiamiri tells you something. Vic is a big dude. That's a tough combination; someone that big that can run that fast. There's no real magic secret to it. You have to bring everything you got and swarm around the ball.

Getting a win over the Giants at this stage of the season would be big. More so than the defending champs, we look at it as a big NFC East rival. They're on top of the division right now. They're where we want to be. They are playing great football right now and it's going to be a tough game. We're excited about it.

Omar Gaither's sack dance that he put on display after getting to Seattle quarterback Seneca Wallace last week is his classic dance that he does regularly. I think it was cool that he busted it out for the public. It's not very original; I've seen it a lot. He practices that dance regularly. It's natural. It's certainly happy. It's his happy dance.

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