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Bradley Blog: Speed Deficit


I think we're hungry to put an entire game together, not just bits and pieces. Not just second halves or first quarters, but put it all together and we feel pretty good about the plan this week, so we're excited.

The Redskins ran a lot of those stretch plays and they require a defense to be patient. You have to stay in your gap and be disciplined. Other teams don't necessarily run those stretch plays. They run tosses and inside zone plays where if you have a fast defense, it's an advantage. They took our speed away by making us be patient and we got gashed a bit. But I think we've found the correction for that, and the good thing is it's not necessarily physically getting beaten up or not being fast enough to get to the play, it's just a discipline thing and I think we've corrected it.

I don't think we over-pursued a lot of plays, but it definitely takes away our speed advantage. Those kind of slower-developing outside plays where the back can stay behind the line and pick a hole. It's a good scheme. It takes away one of our strengths.

Chris Cooley made some plays – it's something we need to shore up. It's tough because the coverage, it changes who's covering from play to play and a lot of those yards on his touchdown came off a play where no one was really covering him. It was like a fake run right, reverse left, unless he's going to throw it, then he takes it down and he's going to throw it so it's a tough play.

The San Francisco game is a vital game for us. We definitely want to go into the bye .500, 3-3. That's the best we can be right now. That's definitely the goal.

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