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Bradley Blog: Roar Of The Wildcat


The bus ride home from the Giants game was good. It was a big win for us. It was something we really needed. We knew the last five games of the season were going to be challenging and this was one of the goals we set for ourselves over the last quarter of the season.

The best part of that game for me was when the clock stopped and we won the game. They're a good team and they've won a lot of games. All the close games they've been in, they've pulled out. The only game they really lost was to Cleveland and that wasn't really a close game. All the games that they had that were close, they pulled out so we knew it was going to be a challenge all the way to the end. We weren't going to give up. We weren't relaxed on the sidelines for really any part of the game. We kept pushing and kept pushing and that's what you have to do to beat good teams.

We're growing out our beards for the rest of the season. It's a fun thing to do, especially at the end of the year. Those are fun things to do with your teammates. It's different in college because you don't really have a playoff scenario. You can't really make a run like you can in the league. It's been a fun thing so far.

The Browns have a lot of talent at a lot of positions. They have a talented running back, they're banged up at quarterback obviously, but Ken Dorsey has proven in college that he's a good quarterback. He's been a journeyman in the league, been a lot of places and he has some versatility to him. Honestly, they are talented at receiver and tight end; all three of those guys are big guys that can move really well. They have some weapons so it's going to be a challenge.

Preparing for a guy like Dorsey is tough. He's new in the system; I think he's only been there for a couple weeks, so there's not a lot to look at. But I think what they've been doing all year and the type of plays they run will stay pretty consistent. According to the coaches, they're going to use Josh Cribbs a little bit more in that Wildcat formation. He's talented and when he's back there he's pretty successful on his run plays. That's another little wrinkle and challenge we face this week.

We've invested a good little chunk of practice preparing for the Wildcat. You want to make sure you are gap sound and ready for all the different looks, a little zone option. So we've spent some time working on it.

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