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Bradley Blog: Road Trip

We do a good job preparing for our travel to the West Coast because we go out a day earlier than normal so we can adjust to the time schedule, walk through the stadium, etc. By kickoff, we're pretty climatized to the time change and the surroundings. It's not quite as shocking as it would be if we had to wake up at what would be like five in the morning for us. It's still challenging, you know?

The hardest part is the following week's game because you get back really late. Getting ready for the next week, it's Monday, you're real tired and you have to come in. Readjusting back to the East Coast is harder than going out there. I think we should do a good job, so I'm not too concerned.

Even though the Seahawks have had a lot of injuries, we're still going to prepare the same way. Every game is the NFL is challenging. They have a lot of weapons on that team and some good players and they have a stable of good running backs, a good O-line. We're definitely not looking past them by any means.

Seattle beat us here last year, but that has no bearing on this season. Each year is different. You move on. But they have a lot of that same defense back and they're getting healthy on defense. They obviously beat us the last two times we've played them. We have a good scheme and hopefully this will be a good challenge for us.

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