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Bradley Blog: Making The Calls


People have asked me a lot about my leadership as the middle linebacker as opposed to Omar Gaither, who's more noticeably vocal than me. I think that it's all relative. I think that I'm a pretty vocal guy, just that's it's hard to talk over Omar. But it's good to have someone who communicates like that. I like to definitely lead by my example on the field. It's the nature of my position. Being good communicators and being talkers is a part of it that's necessary, but also a part that I enjoy.

When on the field, Omar's making his own calls. A lot of stuff that he's talking about is how his position (WILL) sees the field. It's different for all of us when we're in different spots, in different alignments. But all of the linebackers are vocal. I think his voice might just carry more than mine, so you guys on the sidelines might hear it a little more.

Another interesting aspect of camp so far is dealing with small fights that break out after a play ends. You always want to defend your guys but at the end of the day we are all on the same team. We are not here because we are boxers. We are here just to play football so if you are defending someone or you jump in to break something up, if it gets a little ruckus it gets a little ruckus but it's never personal and it never carries beyond the field or after the whistle. I guess you could attribute it to my rugby background but that's just the way the whole linebacking corps is coached and how we play.

After practice and walking around the Lehigh campus there is a particular baby blue shirt that I wear. I kind of get in this position where I want to wear the same outfit all through camp, but I wash it and only wear it after I shower.

Regarding Chris Clemons, it is definitely scary when a guy has an issue like that and is taken away in an ambulance. A couple of years ago, guys passed away and it's something you don't want to mess with. I'm glad he's OK and I'm glad he's back out there, but it is definitely a scary thing and you have to stay hydrated.

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