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Bradley Blog: It's The Result That Matters


Basically, you say you can feel worse if you compound a loss like the one we had on Sunday by not doing your part. Obviously, we could have played better, so whenever you don't win a game, there are always things you can look back and improve on whether you win or lose. I wouldn't say it's easier because we played well defensively.

Jim Johnson has made a conscious effort of making turnovers more of a focal point. It's right place, right time. I think if you run to the ball, have a lot of guys flying around and get opportunities to jump on the ball and if you can convert it, it's the difference in the game.

With the Redskins' game coming up, any division game is big. Year in and year out, the NFC East is a tough division, so I think it's not a surprise to anybody. I think we knew coming into the year that divisional play was going to be tough. So it's a big game, definitely. No doubt about it.

Chris Cooley is a good tight end. We've faced a lot of good tight ends. We faced two of them last week against the Bears. Cooley is an important part of the Redskins offense and is someone that definitely needs to be addressed. There are certain guys in the league that you don't seem that worried about, but they can't beat you like Cooley can. He's definitely a focal point for us.

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