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Bradley Blog: I Will Play And Give It My All


It's obviously going to be a disappointing situation if things don't fall our way before the game starts on Sunday, but it's still the Cowboys. It's a rivalry game for us. It's a big game for them regardless of what happens earlier in the previous games.

All is not lost but we've definitely put ourselves in a situation that we don't want to be in. We could have had a better record, there's no question in my mind about that. We didn't get it done at certain times during the year, so we're relegated to the situation we're in now and we have to make the most of it.

I have a lot of pride when it comes to this team. I'm an Eagle. I have a lot of pride in this organization and in this team and in the people I play with. Obviously, I want it to be that we have a shot at the playoffs. We're counting on Oakland to play some good football and New York up there to play some good football as well and hopefully it will work out that way. But regardless, if it does or doesn't, you're going to see this team give their all and try to win the game. I would expect nothing less.

I expect the fans to be into it on Sunday. It's going to be an exciting game even if you stripped all the records away and all the playoff situations. If we were both winless teams, it would still be a big game because it's Eagles-Cowboys. It's going to be a charged atmosphere for sure.

We can't rely on the fans to be motivated. You have to motivate yourself, otherwise you would never do good on road games. I think we definitely feed off the energy of the crowd and we appreciate their enthusiasm and their passion and it's one of our advantages playing at home. I anticipate playing on Sunday despite my injuries. I feel OK, ready to play.

I love Christmas; it's my favorite holiday. It wasn't as filled with friends and family as it usually is, but it was still good. I didn't get anything, but that's not what Christmas is really about. There wasn't any coal in there. I gave some stuff out. I got some Christmas cards which was good.

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