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Bradford: We Must Build On This


After a stellar preseason performance, quarterback Sam Bradford has struggled to find that same level of production. In fact, the entire Eagles' offense has had its fair share of issues.

However, Sunday's game against New Orleans may very well prove to be the turning point for this team. A win, 519 yards and 39 points later, Bradford and his teammates are feeling confident again. They know what they are capable of doing on the field, and this performance proved they can be dominant.

"I think after what we were able to do in the preseason, I think everyone has been waiting for this," Bradford said following the win. "It's obviously a great feeling to go out there and be able to do that today. Now it's just something that we have to build. Obviously, it's not going to be like this every week, but to know that we're clicking and we're rolling, that we can go out and do that, I think that's just going to give us confidence now to go out there and do it more often."

The quarterback gave all the credit in the world to his offensive line. Up to this point, the O-line has had its share of struggles. It's been injury-plagued and even heading into this game, numerous players were battling injuries, including tackles Jason Peters and Lane Johnson.

But today, the group stepped up to the challenge and its play led to the success of the team, and more specifically, of Bradford.

The Eagles returned home to face the Saints in Week 5 of the regular season. View the full gallery here...

"Those guys were unbelievable today, not only in the pass game but in the run game. I thought our guys up front were phenomenal," the quarterback said. "I think I went to the ground maybe one time today. When those guys play like that, it makes my job a lot easier.

"I've got all the confidence in the world in those guys. I think we had a great week of preparation. We were prepared to see some different and difficult looks today. I thought everyone was on the same page, but I thought those guys up front, they just did a great job. You could really tell they were wearing them down. We were able to start running the football at the end of the game. Those guys dominated the line of scrimmage today."

The only major offensive breakdowns came in the early parts of the game. Bradford threw two interceptions, both of which were grabbed by the Saints in the end zone.

He took blame for the first interception, acknowledging that the throw intended for Riley Cooper was too far behind the receiver. The second he felt was merely a great play by the Saints ... and a bit of bad luck for him.

The two picks were part of the reason Philadelphia went into the half leading only by three, despite accumulating exactly 300 yards of offense. But, that statistic alone showed the team that it was successfully moving down the field. It just had to keep grinding.

"I don't think they had stopped us once. I was stopping us throwing interceptions in the red zone," Bradford explained. "We knew that we were able to move the football. That really wasn't a problem. So I think, halftime, we were still confident. I think we scored the first drive out of halftime. That was big."

The touchdown was the team's second of what would be four on the afternoon. Bradford finished the game 32-of-45 for 333 yards, his longest pass being a 41-yard completion. The two interceptions were the only major blemishes for the quarterback who earned an 88.5 rating with his performance.

Clearly, this is a game he and the Eagles will use as momentum moving forward. If they clean up a few of the mistakes, the offense may be what was expected at the start of the season.

"The win is nice. I think the big thing for us and this team is just to build on this," he said. "By no means are we where we want to be as a team, but I think today was a step in the right direction. I think if we can continue to build on this, then hopefully in three, four, five, six weeks we'll be in a better position than we are now."

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