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Bradford: We Know We Can Get On A Roll


Following a tough division loss to Washington, quarterback Sam Bradford's frustration was evident as he fielded questions about the offense's inconsistency and lack of ability to play a complete game.

He didn't know how to respond, explaining that sometimes it feels as though two separate Philadelphia offenses are taking the field during one game. He understands the disappointment fans are feeling right now because he and the team feel it too.

"This is obviously not where we wanted or expected to be after Week 4, but just knowing this group of guys for the short period of time that I do, I don't think anyone is going to quit," Bradford said. "I don't think anyone's heads down right now. I thought this week we had a great week of practice. I thought the energy levels were great. I think we'll be back to work Tuesday with the same attitude. We know we're close. We know we can get on a roll."

Although the first half was a poor showing resulting in zero points, Bradford's complete game was statistically sound. He completed 15-of-28 for 270 yards, threw three touchdown passes and finished with a quarterback rating of 122.6, the second highest of his career. It was also his seventh three-touchdown game.

However, when the result is a loss, those numbers mean little to the quarterback. He was the first to point fingers at his own play, claiming he needs to be better.

"I think I'm starting to get more comfortable out there but still too many mistakes, still too many things that need to get cleaned up," he said.

The biggest play of the game, which began the team's second-half rally, was a 62-yard touchdown pass to Riley Cooper. It marks the second-longest touchdown pass of Bradford's career, and it gave the Eagles a spark when it was clear one was needed.

"Obviously any time that you can get big plays like that, they're kind of game-changers, momentum-changers," the quarterback said. "I think the one to Coop in the third quarter kind of got us going. It brought some energy to that sideline."

However, the energy was not enough to give the Eagles an edge in the end.

They were unable to convert third downs late in the game. Those chances cannot be left on the table if the team wants to win. The Eagles' offense needs to start playing four quarters worth of football.

"I think the good news is it's close," Bradford said. "A couple of these games we've had opportunities to win and just haven't finished, but it's not like we're light years away from getting things where they need to be. I think it's just some small details here and there. Everyone's just got to get on the same page."

The extreme weather couldn't keep the Eagles from traveling to Washington for their Week 4 match up. View the full gallery here...

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