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Bradford: Our Offense Is Close


The Eagles gritted out a 24-17 win on Sunday against New York, securing the team's first victory of the season. It wasn't always pretty, but in the NFL a win is a win. Just ask quarterback Sam Bradford, who won his first NFL regular season game since October of 2013.

"I think everyone's spirits are a little bit higher after a win," Bradford said. "It's nice to get that monkey off your back and get that first win. I think everyone feels great about going up to New York and getting the win."

That being said, Bradford knows that there is plenty of room for improvement. He went 14-of-28 for 118 yards with a 23-yard touchdown pass to Ryan Mathews, but the time is still yet to be seen when the Eagles' offense will jell as hoped in the preseason.

"I missed some opportunities," Bradford said. "I think they covered us a few times, but we left some plays on the field and we'd obviously like to have a few of those back.

"You just look at the tape from the last couple of weeks and I just feel like there are small mistakes all over the place. We need to do a better job, as an offense, at being consistent. It takes 11 guys to be successful, and unfortunately there just haven't been enough times when we've all been doing the right thing."

The good news, according to Bradford, is that while the offense has seen their fair share of troubles, there have been glimpses of what it can be in the second half against Atlanta and the first half against New York.

"If you look at the tape, there have been spurts and drives where things have come together and we played the way we wanted to play," Bradford said. "I don't think it's a long ways off. I think it's a small correction here or there, and I think that once we get in rhythm and get in sync, this thing will take off, because I think it's close.

"It's our goal to play four quarters to our ability. I feel like we haven't done that yet. We've shown that we're capable of it, but we just haven't put together four quarters. I think there are things we can build on and things that we did do well. Our goal this week is to come out, build on those things and play four quarters."

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