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Boykin Recounts Crucial Interception

Cornerback Brandon Boykin couldn't believe it.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III felt the pressure from defensive end Fletcher Cox and heaved a desperation pass into the end zone. The problem for Griffin III was that there were none of his teammates in the vicinity of the pass. The only player nearby was Boykin.

"We just had tight coverage and we were scrambling. They were going no-huddle, and we were kind of in a double-team on my side so when the receiver went out I was free, and I just saw the ball floating in the air and I was like, 'Is this real life? Wow.' I didn't care if I had to run into my own teammate, I wanted to go up and try to make a play and end the game, and that's what happened."

Boykin made a beautiful over-the-shoulder grab for his team-high fourth interception of the season. In fact, it was the second straight week Boykin made a crucial interception in the end zone. The Eagles defense, which held their seventh straight opponent to 21 points or fewer, forced a pair of turnovers in the red zone.

"I couldn't believe it. I don't know what happened," Boykin said. "I think Fletcher Cox disrupted it and it kind of helicoptered out, so definitely a great job by him getting it out. That's how we get turnovers- the defensive line.

"When the ball was in the air, it was really slow. A lot of thoughts when through my head. When I got it, I tried to make sure my feet were inbounds so I looked down, and I was good. I heard everybody cheering so it was good."

Yes, Boykin sent the 69,144 fans into jubilation with the 24-16 win.

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