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Booker Blog: Winning Isn't Easy


You just learn to take things day-by-day. I learned last year how hard it is to win in the NFL. There were a lot games last year in Miami, three in particular, where we pretty much had the game won and we just were not able to finish. I understand that it takes four quarters, but this team is a lot more explosive than the one I was on. It hurts a little more knowing we have so much potential. We just have to put it together. I think it just takes everybody to realize that we can never take winning for granted.

Donovan McNabb held a players-only meeting and since I've been here and since I've had the chance to play with guys like him and Dawk and Brian and Correll, you get a sense that these guys have been through it all. You want to go out there and work hard just as much for them as anything else. When guys like that, who have done so many great things, especially for this team, come up and say, 'Listen, we need to step it up.' It means more than almost anything. The fact that him and Dawk will say things like that, we've picked it up every time. Dawk did it at the beginning of the season, when we first left Lehigh and played pretty well. I just think guys can't take winning for granted. I learned last year, in my first year unfortunately, that wins don't come easy in this league.

It's nice that the fans feel as passionate as they do about this team, win or lose. It reminds me of college. That's what Florida State was like. Playing in a city where football is king. That's how you want it. When you're growing up and you're playing football, you think of playing in stadiums that are jam-packed and playing in big games every week. That's why you work so hard. It's nice. I've had a lot of ideas of what the stadium would be like here in Philly, and the reality has exceeded all I thought it would be.

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